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wortek offers you individual marketplace coaching on Amazon.de, eBay.de, Kaufland.de or Otto.de. Book trainings tailored to your needs starting at 60 minutes. We offer all trainings on-site, in person, or via remote training with Teamviewer. As a certified JTL service partner and online merchant with more than 10 years of e-commerce experience, we train you or your employees specifically and extensively in dealing with the desired Marketplace.

Please include your phone number when booking a training. After booking, we will contact you by phone to determine the exact training topics and to arrange a date.

What are the benefits of individual marketplace coaching for me?

  • You decide which topics are to be taught in the training course

  • We tailor the training to your individual needs and provide you with exactly the knowledge you need.

  • With us you get knowledge out of practice. wortek has been a certified service partner of JTL for over 5 years. In addition, we ourselves have called e-commerce our home for over 10 years and continue to do so today, selling our goods on various platforms and online stores. We use JTL every day ourselves, and have previously worked exclusively "manually" on the platforms. We can therefore offer you knowledge from everyday processes, instead of just dull theory.

  • With a remote training via TeamViewer there are no travel expenses

  • No hidden costs (overbooked hours remain or are refunded)

How many hours should I book?

The training effort can vary greatly depending on the subject area, the prior knowledge of the "students" and the desired scope. If you are very uncertain about this, you are welcome to contact us beforehand so that we can estimate the effort in advance.

Please put the quantity 1 per desired training hour in the shopping cart (for example, for a six-hour training, the quantity 6).

If you have booked too much, the remaining hours are available to you indefinitely as credit and can be used at a later date, for example for new employees. Alternatively, the amount will be refunded. The price per training unit is 100€ / hour net. Additional hours can of course be booked at any time.

How is training arranged?

After you have booked a training, we will contact you by phone to arrange an appointment on site or via TeamViewer. If you wish a training at your location, the travel costs will be charged separately. For training at our site or via TeamViewer, these are of course not incurred.

How does a JTL training course work?

During a training in our house we show you all topics directly in the warehouse (for example at WMS) or at a conference table at the big TV.

At your site, the training will be conducted in your live system directly with you and your employees together depending on your circumstances.

In case of remote maintenance please install the program "TeamViewer" on your PC beforehand. We call you and then access your PC via remote maintenance and train you directly on your System.

What does a training course involve?

What exactly a training contains will be agreed upon together with you before the training. In principle, a training course can include everything that has to do with the marketplace. You can find examples in the respective training offers.


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