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JTL Projects:

As a certified JTL service partner, we offer our customers services around JTL and eCommerce. We advise, implement and optimise products such as JTL-Wawi, JTL-WMS, JTL-Shipping, connection of eBay / Amazon etc. in your company, and train you in the correct use of the software.

In order to become a JTL service partner, you have to pass a general examination at JTL and are thus an "Official JTL Service Partner".

In order to become a "Certified JTL Service Partner", official JTL Service Partners can purchase certificates from JTL for a fee. Here, you are specially tested in the relevant specialist area in order to prove your expertise and experience. Only if you pass this test(s) will you receive the corresponding certificate and become a "Certified JTL Service Partner".

These certificates have to be renewed at JTL at regular intervals.

Wortek is now a certified JTL service partner several times over.

To receive an offer for JTL services or fulfilment, please use the contact form, or contact us directly at info@wortek.de. Of course, you can also contact us by phone at +49 (0) 8191 - 9406 800.

Please give us your contact details and general conditions, desired services or requirements directly here, so that we can get a first impression. In most cases, we will then contact you by phone to clarify final questions and details.

As soon as all general conditions have been clarified, you will receive an individual, transparent offer from us, including all cost items.

Unlike many other service agencies, you won't find flat-rate prices with us. You often get a fixed price there, for example for the Wawi installation. Due to the diversity of functions, virtually no customer uses every option/function of the Wawi. In reality, an installation is therefore sometimes more or less complex, depending on the customer.

For this reason, you will only receive individual offers from us with a project price that is tailored to your personal requirements.

The JTL Wawi offers a great many functions. With further additional programmes, this becomes even more extensive. Of course, it is difficult to get an overview here, especially at the beginning.

We will be happy to advise you on all JTL products and tell you which products make sense or less sense for you based on your way of working and your requirements.

Because the good news is: JTL offers various possibilities with its product portfolio to implement the same processes in very different ways. The shipping process alone can be carried out in the most diverse ways. There is always something suitable for almost every company.

In our shop you will always find the latest hardware and software that are optimally suited for the various JTL products. You can therefore order the hardware directly from us. From office PCs or warehouse PCs to handheld scanners, MDE devices or printers, you will find everything you need.

Of course, we will also be happy to advise you individually before the start of a project.

Depending on the training topic and scope, the time required for detailed training can vary greatly. If you are not sure, please contact us in advance and tell us the training points you would like. This way we can estimate the scope and give you a recommendation.

Your advantage: If you have booked too many hours, or if the training takes less time than expected, the remaining time is available to you as "credit". To use this credit, you can either make another training appointment or contact us directly if any questions or problems arise spontaneously.

JTL Trainings / Marketplace Trainings:

All our training courses are tailored to your requirements:

  • You decide which topics are to be covered in the training.
  • We tailor the training individually to your wishes and impart exactly the knowledge you need.
  • With us, you receive knowledge from practical experience. wortek has been a certified service partner of JTL for over 5 years. In addition, we ourselves have called e-commerce our home for over 10 years and continue to do so today, selling our goods on various platforms and online shops. We use JTL ourselves every day and can therefore offer you knowledge from everyday processes instead of just dull theory.
  • There are no travel costs for a remote training course.
  • No hidden costs (overbooked hours remain or are refunded).

Depending on the training topic and scope, the time required for detailed training can vary greatly. If you are not sure, please contact us in advance and tell us the training points you would like. This way we can estimate the scope and give you a recommendation.

Your advantage: If you have booked too many hours, or if the training takes less time than expected, the remaining time is available to you as "credit". To use this credit, you can either make another training appointment or contact us directly if any questions or problems arise spontaneously.

After you have booked a training course, we contact you by phone to arrange an appointment with you on site or via remote maintenance. In this telephone call, we also directly discuss your wishes and goals that you want to achieve with the training. If you would like training to take place on your premises, travel costs will be charged separately. In the case of training at our premises or via remote maintenance, these are of course not incurred.

In our in-house training, we show you all the topics directly in the warehouse (for example with WMS) or at a conference table on a large TV.

On your premises, the training is carried out in your live system directly with you and your employees, depending on your circumstances.

For remote maintenance, please install the "Anydesk" programme on your PC beforehand. We call you and then access your PC via remote maintenance and train you directly on your system. Of course, a Google Meeting, Microsoft Teams or similar is also possible.

It is quite normal that further questions arise during a training course, which we will of course be happy to answer directly.

Since each seminar is tailored to the client, we do not have any ready-made "notes" ourselves. We also create our key points especially for you. Of course, we are happy to pass these on to you. However, we recommend that you take your own notes during a training session.

In this case, it is best to call us directly. After you have discussed your wishes with us, we can tell you directly whether, and if so, which training makes sense for you.

You can reach us at +49 (0) 8191 9406 800

Shopdesign & Webdesign:

Nowadays, every company or provider of products or services should have an online presence. Even if you don't sell your goods online, you should have your own homepage. Most customers nowadays don't just walk through town looking for the next best shop. They search online. Without an online presence, you will no longer be found here and the next best competitor will be chosen instead. Only with a homepage can you be found before a customer's "offline visit" and can inform your customers in advance in the best possible way.

If you want to sell your products online, you can of course use existing platforms such as Amazon, ebay, Otto, Kaufland, etc. The advantage is clear: there are many different platforms. The advantage is clear: there are many existing customers who regularly visit the platforms to buy products. The biggest disadvantage: each platform has its own rules that you have to follow. If you don't follow these rules, you can be banned. In addition, you have to cede a certain commission to the platform per sale. So you have to offer your products at a higher price than you want, or give up part of your margin.

With your own online shop, you stand on your own two feet and have to try to be found online in the best possible way and build up your own customer base. In return, however, you are not bound by any platform fees or guidelines. You can design your offers more freely and also maintain better contacts with your customers.

No matter if you want your own homepage or an online shop. You are welcome to contact us and we will advise you on the way to your own online presence. We would be happy to develop your own JTL shop together with you or connect another shop system to your JTL-Wawi.

If you are already using the JTL-Wawi, the JTL-Shop is of course an excellent option for presenting your articles online as quickly as possible. Since merchandise management and shop system come from one source, all Wawi and shop functions are directly compatible with each other. In addition, the JTL Shop is free of charge for you up to 500 articles, which is a great advantage especially for small traders.

Of course, other shop systems can also be connected. However, depending on the shop system, not all Wawi functions are available or are only available with manual programming.

Of course, in addition to the JTL shop, most common third-party shop systems can also be operated with JTL-Wawi. JTL provides various connectors for the respective shop system. It is also no problem if your shop is already filled with articles. These can simply be imported into the Wawi.

The following shop systems can be connected in addition to the JTL shop (status: beginning of 2022):

  • Shopware
  • Gambio
  • Oxid
  • Prestashop
  • Shopify
  • modified eCommerce
  • Woocommerce

Other shop systems can of course also be connected, provided that a corresponding API is available from a third-party provider.


Fulfilment means that you send us your items and we store them for you and send them on to end customers, corporate customers or even Amazon, for example. We take care of all the logistics processes for you, from goods receipt and picking to shipping or receiving returns.

More and more companies are relying on fulfilment these days. The advantages are clear. You neither need a large storage area nor personnel to handle the daily dispatch. Even returns can be handled by the fulfilment company. Instead, you can concentrate on your core business. For example, marketing, sales, item creation, etc.

Of course. Sending items is one of the main tasks of a fulfilment company. We receive your orders every day, which we send out for you. The items are picked, packed and sent to the customer accordingly. Afterwards you will receive the tracking IDs of the parcels.

We ship several times a day with all common shipping service providers (e.g. Deutsche Post, DHL, UPS, DPD etc.).

You may also use Amazon FBA, but you cannot store your items there in the desired quantity and therefore need an interim storage facility. In this case, we will store the products for you and send them directly to Amazon, according to your wishes.

If you would like to pack your items individually, this is no problem. We are happy to pack your items in special boxes or with special adhesive tape bearing your logo (materials must be provided). We can also label items before dispatch (e.g. with barcode / FNSKU for Amazon FBA) or enclose fyler.

Please feel free to contact us with your requirements.

In principle, we can store and ship all items for you in our warehouse. From pallet storage spaces to drawer compartments for the smallest items, we have a wide range of storage spaces available.

In the case of hazardous goods or other items with special characteristics or storage requirements, please contact us directly when requesting a quotation. We will then let you know whether storage is possible.

The costs can vary greatly depending on the customer, as many factors play a role. How many parcels are sent daily? How large and heavy are the items? How much storage space is needed? Are there manual and time-consuming processes? Which shipping service providers are used, etc.

Basically, the costs always consist of the following items:

  • Costs for the storage area
  • Costs for Pick & Pack
  • Shipping costs

Further costs such as extra requested goods inspections, inventories or similar are usually charged separately according to the time spent.

We will be happy to send you a non-binding offer upon request.

We use the JTL Wawi together with the JTL Fulfilment Network.

The JTL FFN offer fulfilers and retailers the possibility to connect quickly and easily with each other and exchange all relevant data. Fulfillers receive all item data, order data for shipping. In return, the retailer receives the tracking IDs and current stock levels.

There are several ways you can connect with us. Here are a few examples:

You already use the JTL-Wawi:

The FFN can be connected directly here. You log into the FFN. The items are simply sent to us from your Wawi by transfer. From this point on, we can take over the shipping for all items.
As a JTL service partner, we would be happy to take over the connection of your JTL Wawi for you.

You use a different or no merchandise management system:

a) Rest API

Any other merchandise management system can be connected using the Rest API provided by JTL.

b) CSV files

The data exchange can also be mapped completely via CSV (Excel tables). If you use a different merchandise management system, you can, for example, automatically upload your order data to an FTP server. The file is then automatically downloaded by the FFN and forwarded to the Fulfiller. As soon as the tracking IDs are available, the FFN provides a CSV for import into your merchandise management system.

c) Manual

The FFN can also be operated completely manually online. You can create your articles, stock transfers, orders etc. manually and transmit them to Fulfiller. This is especially practical for small traders with few articles and no existing merchandise management system.

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